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Magnetic Particle Clutches and Brakes

Magnetic Particle Clutches and Brakes
Features and Benefits

Precision Tork magnetic particle clutches and brakes are unique because of the wide operating torque range available. Torque to current is almost linear and can be controlled very accurately. The unique features of the magnetic particle clutches and brakes make them ideal for tension control, load simulation, cycling/indexing, and soft starts and stops.

Accurate Torque Settings

  • Torque is transmitted though magnetic particle chains which are formed by an electromagnetic field. The torque is independent of slip speed, depending only on circuit current, and is infinitely variable from 0 (disengaged) to rated torque
  • Extremely accurate, even at slow speeds

Precise Engagement

  • Precision Tork magnetic particle clutches and brakes engage to transmit torque with speed and precision. Response of the particles to the field is virtually instantaneous, providing perfectly controlled, jerk-free engagement
  • Engagement time may be very gradual or extremely fast. The frequency and torque of the engagement/disengagement sequence is limited only by the capabilities of the control circuitry

No Wearing Parts

  • There are no friction surfaces to grab or wear, and the units are not affected by changes in atmospheric or other environmental conditions

Efficient, Compact Design

  • High torque to size ratio and low consumption of electric power

Versatile mounting: Easy to retrofit

  • Convenient bolt circle for easy mounting
  • Mounting brackets available for all sizes
  • Magnetic Particle units are available with solid shafts and through bore
  • Can be mounted horizontally or vertically to solve virtually any motion control requirement
  • Interchangeable with competitors’ products – no machine modification required

Excellent service and lead time

  • Off the shelf availability for all standard items
  • Engineers available for application assistance or troubleshooting
  • Local sales representatives and distributors available upon request

Special Applications

  • Customer specified bolt patterns, special mounting brackets.

Why customers choose Precision Tork brand clutches and brakes:

  • Zinc plating vs. black oxide – we offer superior corrosion resistance
  • Unique manufacturing process minimizes internal run-out and concentricity problems
  • Allows slower speed operation and vertical mounting
  • Complete line of metric units