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Permanent Magnet Clutches and Brakes

Permanent Magnet Clutches and Brakes

Precision Tork units provide constant torque independent of slip speed. They offer excellent overload and jam protection for all drive train components and also provide soft starts with zero slip when a preset torque is reached. Precision Tork permanent magnetic clutches and brakes do not require maintenance and provide extremely long life.

Features and Benefits

  • Accurate Torque Settings – independent of speed
  • Large knurled torque adjustment ring makes setting and adjusting torque that much easier!
  • Infinite adjustability between minimum and maximum settings. This allows units to be fine tuned to your unique requirement.
  • Easy to read graduations.
  • Torque is extremely consistent and smooth at low, as well at high speeds.
  • #1 Choice for slow speed applications

Dependable performance

  • Smallest possible transition from static to dynamic torque. Virtually eliminates the “stick-slip” phenomenon associated with friction devices.
  • Long life. The only wearing parts are the ball bearings.
  • Extremely accurate. Precision Tork units out-perform all other devices at low RPM.

Versatile mounting: Easy to retrofit

  • Precision Tork units are available with hollow bores for mounting on motor shafts or jack shafts.
  • Bolt circles allow for fixed mounting, adding a pulley, or stub shaft adapters.
  • Precision Tork units are available with solid shaft outputs.
  • Interchangeable with competitors’ products – no machine modification required.

No external control or power source

  • Simple to install
  • Nothing to monitor
  • Unaffected by power interruption or power fluctuation
  • Safe to use

Excellent service and lead time

  • Off the shelf availability for all standard items.
  • Engineers available for application assistance or troubleshooting.
  • Local sales representatives and distributors available upon request.

Special Applications

  • Special shaft bores and keyways
  • Shaft extensions
  • System retrofits
  • Fixed torque units

Why customers choose Precision Tork brand clutches and brakes:

  • Zinc plating vs. black oxide – we offer superior corrosion resistance.
  • Stainless steel vs. carbon steel shafting.
  • Greater selection of size and bore offerings.
  • 300 degree heat cured epoxy.
  • Magnet protection – bearing shoulder isolates thrust from magnets (sizes 5 & up).
  • Adjustment handle for size 6 and 9 eliminates the need for a special spanner wrench.
  • Largest Permanent Magnet Clutch and Brake on the market today.
  • Complete line of stainless steel units.
  • Complete line of metric units.